Host a Gold Party! Have Fun and Make Money!

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1. Set the Date
You pick a date that's convenient for you and your friends to get together. Once you've nailed down those details, the hard part is done!

2. Invite Your Guests
emember, the more people you invite the merrier. And the more gold you and your friends bring – the more money cash you’ll make for hosting!

3. Have a Gold Party!

         The Perfect Charity Event
Looking to raise money for your favorite charity? Let us help! Each year, Garden State Jewelers raises tens of thousands of dollars for local and national charities through our gold jewelry buying party program!
 Gold Parties are the perfect solution for charities who need money but don't have the time to plan an elaborate fundraising event. Simply choose a time and location and invite members of the charity to the event
 Our professional Gold Party planners will give you a highly enjoyable, fun, and completely satisfactory experience, and at the end of the day we will give your charity a check for 10% of everything purchased!